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New Opportunities On the Horizon For Telecom Management Agents.

Master agents who are familiar with this terrain know that the International Telecommunication Union deployed a comprehensive outline for materializing seamless interconnectivity between operating systems and networks. ITS uses this same program to help business’ day-to-day operations go off without a hitch. When you register to work with ITS, we provide timely solutions for businesses in all niches.

Modern architects in the telecommunications industry are more motivated than ever to make improvements to existing platforms. Paired with advances in technology, consumers and businesses alike can expect to see a steady trend of updates. To gain a competitive advantage, businesses must stay ahead of the game by integrating better technologies.

Considering the multi-tiered systems that most small firms already have in place, coupled with multiple service providers and subnetworks, unifying the infrastructure is no small feat.

This is where telecom management agents come into play.

ITS recognizes the significant need in the industry and offers a cost-effective solution for small businesses to take advantage of. In fact, our services are 100% free for clients. For sub-agents who are interested in registering with us, this key feature makes our programs an easy sell. No sales experience is required.

ITS’ independent agents reach out to businesses and perform audit sets that ultimately save on compulsory telecom expenses. Telecom management agents review the business’ current lineup of vendors and plans, then make recommendations for cutting unnecessary overheads.

The majority of businesses today are unaware of this free service that ITS provides. You have an opportunity to inform companies about it and get them to sign up for our cloud-based TMN services.

ITS has set up a unique business models that capitalizes on longstanding partnerships with some of the biggest domestic and international carriers around – think Comcast, AT&T, Verizon, and spectrum of other reputable carriers.

ITS has secured mutual contracts with these providers, which are hidden from subagents and the general public. These arrangements allow us to provide free audit services. Our registered telecom management agents moreover get a chance to suggest the best plans objectively, based on the clients’ custom needs.

You earn a commission on the customer’s volume each month. Once a contract is signed, the assigned telecom management agent continues to earn residual income.

From auditing voice and data network designs to point of sale and barcode technologies, there’s no limit to the target audience you can reach when you register with us.

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